Cloud Atlas Esoteric Analysis Essay

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Cloud Atlas (2012) � Movie Review - A Spiritual Esoteric Analysis by Satchidanand

"Swami Satchidanand's movie reviews are actually the best in the world" - Student of EE


Film poster. �Everything is Connected.�

The Gospel of Illuminism is Satanic, Luciferian Psychopathy without empathy or LOVE.

There is an ancient zen Koan which asks, "Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?" Answer, "MU!"

MU is the Buddhist, "OM" a guided meditation used to connect with the chakras above the head, with God.

Both Humans and Dogs have the capacity to connect with God.

Until they do, they are children, not completed, "Unmade Men", no understanding that, "something must be done", no Universal Love which considers an evolutionary future for our children and Grandchildren, no conscience, not enlightened, not truly adult, less than human - but everyone has the potential.

As a vegetarian, we are all, animals and humans, made in the Image of God, - "Imago Dei".

But we are not yet complete.






The story of Cloud Altas's Sonmi451 is that of a genetic clone chimera - crossed with animals, therefore less than human, probably genetically modified with a Dog or a Cat, who through education and love becomes enlightened, truly human, and like Jesus Christ is murdered whilst speaking of inclusivity for, "All Living Beings" and justice and LOVE!!

Cloud Atlas (2012) is an incredible film on several levels. Fans of both the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer will quickly recognize the fingerprints of all three, especially philosophical elements of the Matrix trilogy in the persona of energy blockage Satanic Agent Smith who interpenetrates all humanity until it can be removed by Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Level Two.

From the perspective of moral assessment and artistically speaking, it is one of the seminal films of all time.

On a deeper, symbolic level, the film also has a wealth of beautiful imagery that alone made it worth watching, while on an even deeper, esoteric and spiritual level, it is clear as to its meaning: metempsychosis, gnosis and LOVE!!

Since Babylon and Satanic Nimrod, generational pagan Luciferian and Satanic families who use sexual and moral perversion as a tool to create their satanic managerial class, have through knowledge of meditation, mind control, trauma formed negative karmic masss and energy blockages have successfully controlled all societies.

From banker controlled, slave trading and drug running Babylon, Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Venetian Empire, Spanish Empire, Dutch Empire and the British Empire with its three Opium Wars against China to assert its "free trade" right to export opium from its colony, India, to China, on to the current Anglo American Empire the methodology has been to steal, enslave and murder those considered not to be human.

Generational families, through thousands of years of human breeding have created what they call, "a new species of humanity" - a cut down version of monsters, blocked with energy blockages in the heart creating a lack of empathy and above the head cutting them off from your soul conscience. Together this is their new species of psychopaths.


Psychopaths are moral idiots who have no love, cannot put themselves in the shoes of another, who whilst they can play with and discuss the concept of love, cannot understand or truly feel love.

The aim of the Generational Luciferian families is to corrupt, pervert, change and degrade the elite of humanity who go to private schools and elite universities into their psychopathic, satanic managers of the rest of humanity for the generational families.

Their cherry picked agents, MI6 Urquhart controlled Karl Marx who wrote, "Das Capital" in his office in the British National Library in London, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and 33rd Degree Freemason Mao, are personally responsible for the greatest death toll ever through their governments who killed 280 millions of people in the 20th Century,

Added to that we have those weakened and killed before their time by the constant elite driven chemical and bacteriological warfare against all humanity.

To do this they corrupt the elite with money, sexual addiction blockages, perverted "scientific" theories like Darwinian Eugenics, "survival of the fittest" where the fittest - the generational luciferian families and their satanic managers - are always those considered human, - Fit, to live - the rest are not human: underpeople, slaves, cattle to be used, sucked dry and killed before their time.

The poor are cockroaches - to be weakened and dumbed down through chemical warfare, who become indentured slaves.

To these generational elites and their managers, the black, brown, yellow, red people are brutes and savages who are slaves and similarly dumbed down by water filled with fluoride - there is a Harvard study which says it reduces the IQ of babies by 20 points, pesticides like Monsatan Glyphosate, Monsatan Genetically modified crops which weaken and sterilise in three generations, cancer filled vaccinations which also destroy the intelligence of children.


Cancer Tumors - Monsatan glyphosate pesticide and genetically modified food rats experiment


Throughout all history, "Divide and Conquer" has been the most useful technique.

Cloud Atlas seeks to remove "Divide and Conquer" by awakening that love in you who still have hearts.

Cloud Atlas can only be understood by those people with a heart.

People who can not understand are all the movie critics - the usual suspects who still do not get Star Wars. Perhaps they can can realise their lack, and seek to correct it through the Energy Enhancement removal of blockages from the Heart Chakra.

The history of western esoterism has long been obsessed with the notion of reclaiming lost knowledge and technology, all the way back to Plato�s Timaeus, and its legends of Atlantis, but the difference and necessary addition to all that is love and the inclusion of all humanity - the true humanity of, "Imago Dei" .

While audiences the land over appear to be bewildered, the knotted yarn can easily be untangled. Early on, we are clued into a reference to Nietzsche�s �eternal recurrence,� a shooting star birthmark that recurs in characters over different generations, and a highly significant musical piece being written, known as the �Cloud Atlas.� In total, six different time periods with a handful of reincarnated persons all interconnect, leading from 1846 to 2346.

The other element that stands out is that each of these periods includes some system of oppression where some people are oppressed by the "virtue" of not being considered human.

The first, 1846, involves slavery and human trafficking, with a good Christian man helping save the life of a good-hearted slave, who is then poisoned, murdered and robbed by the elite slave owner.

In the next, a Cambridge University gay couple battles the system of post-Victorian era �sexual oppression,� which difference - not, "One of us", allows him to be exploited by a member of the Satanic Elite who steals his compositions as his own as he composes the �Cloud Atlas� musical piece.

"Human genius can compose Masterpieces".... "Can You?" - Sonny the Robot who develops a heart and becomes truly human in, "I Robot" - Read Link..


I ROBOT ENLIGHTENMENT AND ILLUMINATION Isaac Asimov and Alex Proyas Movie Review, Analysis of I Robot




From there, a hot 1970s journalist Halle Berry interacts with one of the gay lovers who has documentation to expose a large nuclear facility that is planning on a false flag event to make nuclear power look bad, for the benefit of big oil - see Fuck you Shima and the Matt Damon movie - similarly censored, as always, destroyed by, "Faint Praise" - "Promised Land"

The propaganda of "Faint Praise" is being constantly utilised against spiritual movies like, Cloud Atlas, Golden Compass, The Last Samurai, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Last Airbender - movies of purpose and significance.

Next, we are introduced to a publisher in 2012 London who engineers an escape from an old folks� home, and from there, we move to a dystopian totalitarian future where a one world government known as �Unanimity� rules with technocratic iron fist. In this timeline, Sonmi-451 is a genetically engineered clone that works as an acolyte in the religion of the future: Fast Food.

From there, we move to a post-apocalyptic unknown continent that has been destroyed by what appears to be a nuclear disaster or war of some kind, in which the future Tom Hanks must guide a future Halle Berry to the location of a Sonmi �temple,� which has the technology to reach the stars.

The story is told in a non-linear fashion to associate the viewer with the idea of eternal transmigration of souls. The narratives are non-linear like the philosophy: each character is thus reincarnated into different roles and forms, based upon the decisions and roles made in the last life.

If each of those stories sound like enough for their own individual movies, then that is because they are. And yet, for all their complexities and differences, the stories blend well together, and the elements that connect them actually make sense. Indeed, pacing is one of this lengthy film�s lesser problems. The directors, the Wachowskis (the masterminds behind �The Matrix� trilogy and �V for Vendetta�) and Tom Tykwer (The International and Perfume, the story of a murderer) keep things moving at a good speed, and the screenplay and acting keep the audience invested in the stories and characters. What is more, the visuals are astounding, vast and varied, from the technological marvels of New Seoul to the sea-faring, old world set pieces of the late 1800s.


Death, as Sonmi-451 (the film�s Jesus Christ, Joan of Arc), explains, is just a doorway to the next life. The decisions you make in this life, determine the birth in the next, she explains. This is metempsychosis, and the ancient transmigration of souls taught by Plato and the Eastern mystery religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The wheel of birth and death can only be transcended by enlightenment and right living - that love which includes everyone, that Gnosis which can only create an abundant non polluting technology which will lead to external and internal richness and evolution, the recovery of the lost gnosis with the star chakras above the head, or in this case, and in some of western esoterism, lost technology which can lead us to the stars.

The eternal recurrence is thus working out the flaws and mistakes made in previous lives, ultimately giving the souls an experience of all phases and stations in life.

In some eastern religions, this includes reincarnation as animals as well, but the focus in Cloud Atlas is the progressive evolution of mankind from the modern period (the post-Enlightenment/revolutionary period), to the star period.

There are thus those Illuminist, Satanic and Luciferian elements of Crowleyanism, as well as Satan inspired Jacobinism, as we eventually discover that all forms of egoistic, selfish, non-inclusive, energy blockage laws and rules are to be removed.

In Sonmi-451's philosophy, all separation of humanity those with Human Rights and into those lesser non humans who can be enslaved, killed and exploited - the Poor, Jews, Animals, Negro slaves - is a propaganda illusion.

"Crawlie laughed. The sound gave Elaine gooseflesh. "Suppose I believed it: How could I live if I thought that people loved me? If I believed you, I would have to tear myself to pieces, to break my brains on the wall, to do�" The laughter changed to sobs, but Crawlie managed to resume talking: "You things are so stupid that you don't even know that you're monsters. You're not people. You never will be people. I'm one of you myself. I'm honest enough to admit what I am. We're dirt, we're nothing, we're things that are less than machines. We hide in the earth like dirt and when people kill us they do not weep." - Linebarger, The Dead Lady Of Clown Town

So those laws which set people apart are oppressive and must be removed.

All forms of hierarchy and difference are also �oppressive,� so we scenes like the gay couple smashing expensive vases, while they explain that form and matter also oppressive and �natural,� and that this encrusted law must be destroyed.

Likewise with the slave system, Satanic Agent Smith, Hugo Weaving explains that hierarchy and caste are natural: they cannot be destroyed. As it says in Cimino's, "Heavens Gate", "Money (and Generational Families) talks, Talent walks!"

Note as well that Weaving plays the hierarchical male oppressor Devil in several of the timelines, and was the same role in the Wachowski�s The Matrix. Weaving thus signifies the Selfish Competitive Ego composed of a multitude of Energy Blockages - a Satanic, Luciferian demiurge of created matter and law that the enlightened gnostics (borrowing from Plato) complained so often about.

This transmigration of souls is also prominent in Greek literature, as well as in the modernist work of James Joyce, Ulysses.

There are more than 200 billions of souls extant and each of them needs life experience of around one hundred lifetimes before they can become enlightened so as to embody goodness and mercy in the larger populations only made possible by advanced pollutionless technology and advanced infrastructure.

Cloud Atlas shows that the inhabiting of bodies by other entities occurs in everyone through the energy blockage Agent Smith, Hugo Weaving which moves from body to body.

Many religions have this concept concerning demons and spirits which must be removed in order to become truly human. "Enlightenment is the removal of ALL Energy blockages" - Energy Enhancement

The nature of the inter-dimensional interactions in the next life are able to influence and act in this dimension.

However, in regard to Cloud Atlas, the overall narrative is explained in the fact that all the events and actions of the different characters in the different time periods all work together for a common end. The modern world has moved away from the idea of telos, or purpose, but as Wolfgang Pauli explained, purpose must eventually return to science, and he felt confident physics would eventually rediscover the Aristotelian idea of the final cause. In this regard, Cloud Atlas is presenting a kind of providence or predestination, insofar as all things are moving towards a certain goal, yet not in a linear fashion.

The Jewish tradition differs from the satanic pagan traditions precisely (but not solely) in this regard: for them time is linear, while for satanic paganism, there is no concept of evolution and enlightenment - Satanic paganism says that time is essentially an illusion, and the universe is trapped in an eternal cyclical wheel of life and death, good and evil, and dualistic struggle for all eternity.

Cloud Atlas presents a cyclical history, yet also seems to point towards the necessity of Gnosis, Enlightenment and the transcending of the limitations of time and space as Sonmi-451 does through education, reading spiritual books and LOVE through experiences of seeing injustice directly - like Jesus Christ, giving her life for the benefit of ALL humanity.

In this sense, it resembles 2001: A Space Odyssey, as the enlightened Starchild evolves from Dave (victorious in the struggle with HAL 9000 for the next level of evolution), transcending the limitations of time and space, having all his bad memories and energy blockages removed in the death of the ego.

Cloud Atlas, then, is about attaining the clouds. An Atlas charts one�s course, and the destination is the clouds � space, the final frontier, the Stars, the Chakras above the head of the antahkarana. The connection with God.

This is why the film begins with modernity, the first limitation to be transcended is space: can we go off-world and establish human civilizations on other planets? Can we go to the clouds? Can we connect with our souls and reject a world without love and empathy. Can we come together as all humanity in love and peace and connect with the Chakras above the Head, with God, immortal, indivisible, God only wise.

Cloud Atlas is more so a film about how this is destined to occur. It will occur through the Promethean striving of all humans to transcend all limitations and boundaries and reach the stars.

What holds humans back are the satanic energy blockages which reduce intelligence, block love and stop connection with your Soul, creating the bad decisions we make, our own suffering, the belief that some people are not human and because of that can be killed or enslaved through the forces of law and order that seek to oppress.

Here the film makes its enlightened, christian, Hindu, buddhist revolutionary message clear. As mentioned, in each time period the actions of the characters working toward freedom set in motion the chains of events that effect each era towards greater levels of freedom, increased technology, love, intelligence purpose, meaning and significance and greater challenges.

By the time of Sonmi-451, the world is run by an oppressive dystopian government that clones and genetically modifies people and animals to make "non-human" chimera and in turn feeds the populace dead clones, run behind the facade of a perverted culture that worships the fast food they are given.

Here, eugenics and transhumanism have come full circle, with the cyclical nature of the clone plant perfectly embodying the cyclical nature of temporal reality the film intends to present.

�Everything is connected.� �Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future.�



So says Sonmi-451 (Doona Bae), a �fabricant� or genetically-modified human crossed with animals like Dogs or Cats who is treated as an "Underperson or non-human in the traditional historical way.. as a slave who can be abused, murdered and eaten. She lives in a futuristic dystopian country where �pure-bloods� rule from on high, and the �fabricants� are mere commodities, although they are never told how worthless they are. Somni eventually joins a group of rebels who open her eyes to the truth of the abuses the �fabricants� suffer and present her with a choice�to expose the evils of the government at the cost of all of their lives or to do nothing with her newfound freedom.

Sonmi-451's story unfolds in a future world where an entire race of genetically modified non - human clones have been created to serve as slaves for the 'true humans'.

The clones are all incredibly beautiful Asian girls who are dehumanized in every way. They have no individuality; they go by number instead of name; they live like robots, and every one of their movements and thoughts is controlled.


While working, men will often grope their buttocks and humiliate them sexually. In one scene, a man approaches one girl from behind holding a mustard bottle in place of his penis and he sprays mustard all over the her back while he and his friends laugh. When the girl retaliates, her controller slits her throat via her metal collar with one click of his remote control.

The difference between Sonmi-451 and all the other clones is that her fate is to change the world. For this purpose, she is rescued by the freedom fighter, Hae-Joo Chang.


After getting a taste of freedom and kindness, Sonmi falls in love with Chang.

In order to persuade Sonmi to accept her historic duty, Chang reveals the truth of the fabricants' existence in a horrific scene of mass sacrifice where we see hundreds of clones in white hooded robes, marching like drones towards what they call 'exaltation'.

Thinking that they are going to heaven, like in the movie, "The Island" the girls smile and rejoice as they march towards the doorway of what turns out to be a slaughter room. They are greeted by executioners in red hooded robes, callously killed via their metal collars, and transported on conveyor belts into a huge processing factory where hundreds of dismembered, headless corpses dangle from meat hooks.



As it turns out, the bodies of these girls are shredded and fed back to the other clones in drinkboxes as food called Soap in honour of the Jews in Hitler's Concentration Camps where the dead Jews were similarly rendered down into soap..



After seeing this Truth, Sonmi agrees that, "something must be done". Her education, her reading, her experiences have evolved her above the animal to the level of a Jesus Christ who must communicate his humanity and his Universal Inclusive Love to the whole of humanity even at the expected cost of his life.

Whilst broadcasting her message, battle breaks out and Chang and all the freedom fighters are defeated and killed.

Sonmi is captured and interrogated...



In every successful revolution, hearts and minds must be won in those humans who are just on the point of illumination. You must have the necessary experiences of one hundred lifetimes of entry into every wrong path, into every evil and you must have experienced the karmic consequences.

"After all that, here are complete instructions on Enlightenment" - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Archivist: What if no one believes you?
Sonmi-451: Someone already does.

Says Sonmi of the Archivist himself.

But further than that, in this movie, having seen the truth, YOU TOO are that Archivist.

And if you have eyes to see, and if you have ears to hear, you too must change.

Your heart must open, and you must understand..

"Something must be done"

Even at the cost of your own life..


Cloud Atlas (2012)
Sonmi-451: ...from womb to tomb, our lives are not our own...

The word, "Wombtomb" was coined by Ray Nelson in his short story, "Time Travel for Pedestrians". Ray Nelson also wrote, "They Live", another seminal movie.

Sonmi-451: Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.

Archivist: On behalf of my Ministry and the future of Unanimity, I want to thank you for the final interview. Remember, this isn't an interrogation or trial. Your version of the truth is all that matters.
Sonmi-451: Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths.

Archivist: [about Yoona taking Somni to the lost-and-found room] Why didn't you report Yoona-939 to Seer Rhee the next day?
Sonmi-451: I couldn't.
Archivist: Why?
Sonmi-451: Because she trusted me.
Archivist: But your actions violated the Fifth Catechism.
Sonmi-451: That's true.
Archivist: How did you justify this transgression?
Sonmi-451: She was my friend.

Archivist: What if no one believes you?
Sonmi-451: Someone already does.

"Joan herself is bathed in light. Her light brown hair and her doggy brown eyes express softness and tenderness. He even conveys the idea that her new body is terribly new and strong, that she is virginal and ready to die, that she is a mere girl and yet completely fearless. The posture of love shows in her legs: she stands lightly. Love shows in her hands: they are turned outward toward the judges. Love shows in her smile: it is confident." Linebarger, The Dead Lady Of Clown Town

After interrogation, she is sacrificed, executed by electric chair - a tiny beautiful doll - in front of an audience of men in satanic black and red priest-like robes.

"By telepathic invasion he had suppressed her human mind, so that only the primitive canine remained.

Joan did not stand still like a martyred queen.

She struggled against the flames which licked her and climbed her. She howled and shrieked like a dog in pain, like an animal whose brain�good though it is�cannot comprehend the senselessness of human cruelty.

The result was directly contrary to what the Lord Femtiosex had planned.

The crowd of people stirred forward, not with curiosity but because of compassion. They had avoided the broad areas of the street on which the dead underpeople lay as they had been killed, some pooled in their own blood, some broken by the hands of robots, some reduced to piles of frozen crystal. They walked over the dead to watch the dying, but their watching was not the witless boredom of people who never see a spectacle; it was the movement of living things, instinctive and deep, toward the sight of another living thing in a position of danger and ruin.

Even the guard who had held Elaine and Hunter by gripping Hunter's arm�even he moved forward a few unthinking steps. Elaine found herself in the first row of the spectators, the acrid, unfamiliar smell of burning oil making her nose twitch, the howls of the dying dog-girl tearing through her eardrums into her brain. Joan was turning and twisting in the fire now, trying to avoid the flames which wrapped her tighter than clothing. The odor of something sickening and strange reached the crowd. Few of them had ever smelled the stink of burning meat before.

Joan gasped.

In the ensuing seconds of silence, Elaine heard something she had never expected to hear before�the weeping of grown human beings. Men and women stood there sobbing and not knowing why they sobbed." - Linebarger, The Dead Lady Of Clown Town

Note also that her name is �451,� echoing the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury with the same theme of a controlling, oppressive state where control is maintained by burning books at the temperature at which books burn, 451 degrees farenheit. The inability to read good books and the destruction of libraries is something every good Totalitarian State promotes.

When she discovers that Unanimity are murdering and eating the clones, she becomes the model of the united rebellion�s revolution, a new Jesus Christ.

"I have killed, Ma'am," he said, "as always�with love. This time it was a system." -Linebarger, The Dead Lady Of Clown Town

Sonmi�s revolution had achieved the ability to go offworld, we discover, and by future future Tom Hanks� period, earth has reverted to a primitive state of tribalism that worships a goddess and has preserved Sonmi-451's revelations. There is a figure of the goddess that resembles the statue of liberty and looks like Sonmi, which we later learn is merely the symbol of liberty and her revolution. Future future Tom Hanks is presented with this truth, and must battle his own mental prison and tribal superstitions in a pivotal climactic scene, where a demonic form of the Hugo Weaving demiurge pressures him to kill a highly advanced future future Halle Berry, sent to find the Sonmi gate which will take them offworld. Berry�s character in this world is the remnant of the elite, highly advanced humans who are seeking offworld passage to another planet, as the earth is forsaken, deadly and run by wild savages.

Future future Tom Hanks decides to reject his tribalism and superstitions for science, accepting liberty, or the gnostic Sophia, leading to the salvation of the doomed human race.

At the close of the film we are shown a new human civilization built on another world, with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry together. From an esoteric perspective, the two divided anima and animus, female and male principles, have been reconciled through Sophia, leading to theosis, illumination.

The right use of science, the increase in infrastructure and the creation of wealth to support education and evolution is a symptom of good religion, as is the eventual victory over the Satanic forces of human sacrifice, war sacrifice, darkness and oppression.

We are shown the star birthmark on Hanks, and then a shooting star, which echoes �every man and woman are a star.� Both physically and Spiritually man has been born to ascend to the stars.

Plato�s doctrine is that our souls are associated with a certain star from which we came before birth.

In Neo-platonism there is in fact a return of all particularity to the One, a feature adopted in many monotheistic religions as well, as the progress of phenomena in time are in fact a resolving of multiplicities back into the One.

The Satanists, as with Marx and Marxism - Karl Marx was given an office in the British National Library in London by British Intelligence where he wrote "Das Capital" to destabilise the Czars of Russia - a successful ploy - created the Masonic Jacobin message of the atheistic revolutionaries and French Illuminists in order to destabilise and overthrow the French Kings regime - another successful ploy as MI6 Chief Jeremy Bentham wrote Robespierre's speeches from London.

Satanism, the ancient Religion transferred through Ancient Generational families and their scientific transhumanist gnosis and pantheism is just classical Satanic occultism and superstition which is also behind the false science of Global Warming and Economic Models as "Science". Modern lying spinned �scientific� of Lysenkoism, and Darwinian Eugenics regimes have so far not produced freedom, but state Totalitarianism, far worse than even the totalitarianism of the French Terror. The French Revolution�s Committee for Public Safety murdered tens of thousands, and the satanic statists Hitler, Franco, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Blair and Bush of the twentieth century murdered two hundred and eighty millions.

Poverty, culling the population through austerity, poverty, chemical and bacteriological warfare, famine and war are just tools of state used in order to maintain control over thousands of years.

Some laws are good: it is not law and boundary themselves that are the source of oppression and violence, it is the Satanic lack of virtue and choice of evil on the part of moral agents that are the source of evil and oppression.

In Cloud Atlas, the entire point of the musical piece is that all events are part of the plan that as we gain experience and evolve over time and many lifetimes, eventually our personal evolution ends in success as the, "non-human", "Animal", Sonmi-451 becomes enlightened. And her realisation in her words is the catalyst for the change impulsed by her Love finding echo in sufficient hearts - like the Archivist and... YOU.

The underpeople, the non-humans, the cockroaches.. "Years ago I recognized my kinship with all living things, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on the earth. I said then and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; while there is a soul in prison, I am not free." - Eugene V. Debs


As we have learned from British Intelligence, Masonic "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" used to overthrow France and Karl Marx "Das Capital" used to overthrow the Czars, words can be twisted and elites always lie.


Yet if you understand that individually you have the ability to become Enlightened - that You too can unblock your heart and remove all of your Energy Blockages and achieve true immortality through Energy Enhancement. Then that path can truly lead you and all humanity to the stars.

Just as a symphony or orchestral piece is made up of a bunch of disparate parts that work together to produce a complete auditory tapestry, in like manner the events of history work together to produce the events that will take us to the stars, leading to man�s apotheosis both physically and spiritually in the Star Chakras above the Head.

In this respect, the tyrannies become in a sense necessary as the, "Perfect Enemy" of Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, as they are the means that lead to the end.

I want to bring to your attention to the work of Dr Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger and his Science Fiction Stories which I think have been the impulse behind the masterpiece which is Cloud Atlas. University at 14. Doctor at 22. Godson of Sun Yat Sen. Speaking thirteen languages. Professor of Asiatic Studies at Johns Hopkins. Major in the Army. Wrote the classic book on Psychological Warfare. CIA Spy with knowledge of all the MKULTRA Secrets and future Computer Cyborgs and Genetic Transhumanist plans of the elite. Advisor and speech writer to Presidents and proposed future Secretary of State before his Borgia Cup of stomach problems which killed him at the age of 53 back in 1966. He Wrote his real Underpeople Sci Fi when they refused to publish his book and he knew he was dying. You can read all his seminal stories of, "The Instrumentality of Mankind" under the name of Cordwainer Smith..

Here is the story which impulsed Cloud Atlas..

He wrote this when he knew he was dying.. with universal love for all sentient beings..

"Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?" Answer, "MU!"

MU is the Buddhist, "OM" a Mantra, a guided meditation used to connect with the chakras above the head, with God.

Both Humans and Dogs have the capacity to connect with God.

Until they do, they are children, not completed, "Unmade Men" unable to comprehend, "something must be done", with no Universal Love which considers an evolutionary future for our children and Grandchildren, no conscience, not enlightened, not truly adult, less than human - but everyone has the potential.

We are all, animals and humans, made in the Image of God - "Imago Dei".

But we are not yet complete.

Like the Dog-Girl clone chimera D'Joan in..

The Dead Lady Of Clown Town

by Cordwainer Smith

See Below...



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Since that time I am always connected to and able to source the white light from above my head. Many times during this process I just forget to breathe as though my breathing is just naturally suspended. I am now living in the Light!! "

My energies are naturally far higher than when I arrived on the Energy Enhancement course just two weeks ago. I am experiencing the fruits of meditation which normally arrive, if they do, after twenty years of meditation and it has only taken me two weeks.

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"Traditional forms of meditation are designed to fail!!"







How to Release the Energy Blockage Knots

The Buddha didn't talk much about Energy Blockages. Mainly, he said just to come and sit with him, Listen to him, Imbibe the Buddhafield of his presence. Nice things would happen. People became enlightened in his Aura. 10,000 monks became enlightened in the Purple Grove. Buddha was a Master. He taught Meditation.

Yet, one day a guy came and asked him about Energy Blockages and asked him how to get rid of them. And the Buddha answered by asking Sariputra to bring him a strip of cloth and the Buddha formed in into a knot. He asked the guy how to unpick the knot, to make the cloth straight and pure again, and the guy said, "Well he would have to study the knot in order to do this", and the Buddha said yes, " Indeed this is the way of removing energy blockages. Like knots you have to study them in order to know how to release them".

Yet Alexander the Great had the same problem. That of the Gordian Knot.

 I heard of this problem when I was a child and even then I had this inner sense of what is important. It is called Intuition. And it is felt as an energy which makes some things more energetic, more important than others. Really useful so that we do not waste our time. We know which books to read. Which movies to watch. Which music to listen to. We ignore that which is not connected to God, which is less, which is not worth our time.

Well, you see, Alexander was attacking this city of Gordia. And he was going to take it but his Generals said, as Generals do, that to take this town would involve the deaths of 10,000 of his soldiers, six months of time, and much work and supplies - Materiel I think they call it now - for this city was well defended and sturdy.

And the leaders of the town knew this too. and they knew that if they could do the deal all would be well. So they went to Alexander and said that they could surrender if he would promise to not kill and rape all the inhabitants as is normal after any seige, - they do it to make people surrender in advance! - and this would save him the time and the soldiers and the materiel.

As well as that they were having political problems with the Priests who knew that the coming of Alexander to the city meant the death of their religion and the institution of the State religion so they added the condition that he also had to unpick the Gordian knot before the city would be released unto him. But really, they knew they could do the deal to be in charge of the State Religion by giving Alexander the methodology of solving the Gordian Knot in advance.

The Gordian knot was a puzzle given to incipient priests before they could become leader priests within the temple, as a final test. So this Gordian Knot was a religious examination. Religious!!

Just like what Buddha was talking about above. The examination was about the unpicking of Energy Blockages!!

And Alexander had to solve it. He would lose the loot, but he would gain time and energy to conquer more land.

So he accepted the test and gave his promises and on the appointed day went into the Temple to take the examination.

They showed him this enormous knot, made from meters of rope which they expected him to study for days before finally succeeding - or failing - to unravel the situation.

But Alexander was made of sterner stuff. He had a technique to solve the Blockage Problem which was much in advance of that which the Buddha released in the problem above.

He took out his Vorpal Sword and with one amazing swipe..

He Cut the Gordian knot in Two!!!



Manjushri with his sword of discrimination - looks like the Buddha also knew how to solve the Gordian Knot - and this technique has been removed from Buddhism!!



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Dr Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger







I want to bring to your attention to the work of Dr Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger and his Science Fiction Stories which I think have been the impulse behind the masterpiece which is Cloud Atlas. University at 14. Doctor at 22. Godson of Sun Yat Sen. Speaking thirteen languages. Professor of Asiatic Studies at Johns Hopkins. Major in the Army. Wrote the classic book on Psychological Warfare. CIA Spy with knowledge of all the MKULTRA Secrets and future Computer Cyborgs and Genetic Transhumanist plans of the elite. Advisor and speech writer to Presidents and proposed future Secretary of State before his Borgia Cup of stomach problems which killed him at the age of 53 back in 1966. He Wrote his real Underpeople Sci Fi when they refused to publish his book and he knew he was dying. You can read all his seminal stories of, "The Instrumentality of Mankind" under the name of Cordwainer Smith..

Here is the story which impulsed Cloud Atlas..

He wrote this when he knew he was dying.. with universal love for all sentient beings..

"Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?" Answer, "MU!"

MU is the Buddhist, "OM" a Mantra, a guided meditation used to connect with the chakras above the head, with God.

Both Humans and Dogs have the capacity to connect with God.

Until they do, they are children, not completed, "Unmade Men" unable to comprehend, "something must be done", with no Universal Love which considers an evolutionary future for our children and Grandchildren, no conscience, not enlightened, not truly adult, less than human - but everyone has the potential.

We are all, animals and humans, made in the Image of God - "Imago Dei".

But we are not yet complete.

The Dead Lady Of Clown Town
by Cordwainer Smith


Based on the seven generations of Lord Jestocost, this story could have taken place two thousand years or more before the Rediscovery of Man, which it foreshadows. Parallels with Jesus Christ and the Joan of Arc legend are obvious, as are the allusions to the Old Strong Religion; not so some of the proper names. "An-fang" is literally "beginning" in German, while "Pane Ashash" is Hindi for "five-six." The style of the story is a Chinese-derived one Smith adopted for SF late in his career�yet he had used it in some unpublished historical stories as early as 1939.



You already know the end�the immense drama of the Lord Jestocost, seventh of his line, and how the cat-girl C'mell initiated the vast conspiracy. But you do not know the beginning, how the first Lord Jestocost got his name, because of the terror and inspiration which his mother, the Lady Goroke, obtained from the famous real-life drama of the dog-girl D'joan. It is even less likely that you know the other story-the one behind D'joan. This story is sometimes mentioned as the matter of the "nameless witch," which is absurd, because she really had a name. The name was "Elaine," an ancient and forbidden one.

Elaine was a mistake. Her birth, her life, her career were all mistakes. The ruby was wrong. How could that have happened?

Go back to An-fang, the Peace Square at An-fang, the Beginning Place at An-fang, where all things start. Bright it was. Red square, dead square, clear square, under a yellow sun.

This was Earth Original, Manhome itself, where Earthport thrusts its way up through hurricane clouds that are higher than the mountains.

An-fang was near a city, the only living city with a pre-atomic name. The lovely meaningless name was Meeya Meefla, where the lines of ancient roadways, untouched by a wheel for thousands of years, forever paralleled the warm, bright, clear beaches of the Old South East.

The headquarters of the People Programmer was at An-fang, and there the mistake happened.

A ruby trembled. Two tourmaline nets failed to rectify the laser beam. A diamond noted the error. Both the error and the correction went into the general computer.

The error assigned, on the general account of births for Fomalhaut III, the profession of "lay therapist, female, intuitive capacity for correction of human physiology with local resources." On some of the early ships they used to call these people witch-women, because they worked unaccountable cures. For pioneer parties, these lay therapists were invaluable; in settled post-Riesmannian societies, they became an awful nuisance. Sickness disappeared with good conditions, accidents dwindled down to nothing, medical work became institutional.

Who wants a witch, even a good witch, when a thousand-bed hospital is waiting with its staff eager for clinical experience ... and only seven out of its thousand beds filled with real people? (The remaining beds were filled with lifelike robots on which the staff could practice, lest they lose their morale. They could, of course, have worked on under-people�animals in the shape of human beings, who did the heavy and the weary work which remained as the caput mortuum of a really perfected economy�but it was against the law for animals, even when they were underpeople, to go to a human hospital. When underpeople got sick, the Instrumentality took care of them�in slaughterhouses. It was easier to breed new underpeople for the jobs than it was to repair sick ones. Furthermore, the tender, loving care of a hospital might give them ideas. Such as the idea that they were people. This would have been bad, from the prevailing point of view. Therefore the human hospitals remained almost empty while an underperson who sneezed four times or who vomited once was taken away, never to be ill again. The empty beds kept on with the robot patients, who went through endless repetitions of the human patterns of injury or disease.) This left no work for witches, bred and trained.

Yet the ruby had trembled; the program had indeed made a mistake; the birth-number for a "lay therapist, general, female, immediate use" had been ordered for Fomalhaut III.

Much later, when the story was all done down to its last historic detail, there was an investigation into the origins of Elaine. When the laser had trembled, both the original order and the correction were fed simultaneously into the machine. The machine recognized the contradiction and promptly referred both papers to the human supervisor, an actual man who had been working on the job for seven years.

He was studying music, and he was bored. He was so close to the end of his term that he was already counting the days to his own release. Meanwhile he was rearranging two popular songs. One was The Big Bamboo, a primitive piece which tried to evoke the original magic of man. The other was about a girl, Elaine, Elaine, whom the song asked, to refrain from giving pain to her loving swain. Neither of the songs was important; but between them they influenced history, first a little bit and then very much.

The musician had plenty of time to practice. He had not had to meet a real emergency in all his seven years. From time to time the machine made reports to him, but the musician just told the machine to correct its own errors, and it infallibly did so.

On the day that the accident of Elaine happened, he was trying to perfect his finger work on the guitar, a very old instrument believed to date from the pre-space period. He was playing The Big Bamboo for the hundredth time.

The machine announced its mistake with an initial musical chime. The supervisor had long since forgotten all the instructions which he had so worrisomely memorized seven long years ago. The alert did not really and truly matter, because the machine invariably corrected its own mistakes whether the supervisor was on duty or not.

The machine, not having its chime answered, moved into a second-stage alarm. From a loudspeaker set in the wall of the room, it shrieked in a high, clear human voice, the voice of some employee who had died thousands of years earlier:

"Alert, alert! Emergency. Correction needed. Correction needed!"

The answer was one which the machine had never heard before, old though it was. The musician's fingers ran madly, gladly over the guitar strings and he sang clearly, wildly back to the machine a message strange beyond any machine's belief:

Beat, beat the Big Bamboo!
Beat, beat, beat the Big Bamboo for me!

Hastily the machine set its memory banks and computers to work, looking for the code reference to "bamboo," trying to make that word fit the present context. There was no reference at all. The machine pestered the man some more.

"Instructions unclear. Instructions unclear. Please correct."

"Shut up," said the man.

"Cannot comply," stated the machine. "Please state and repeat, please state and repeat, please state and repeat."

"Do shut up," said the man, but he knew the machine would not obey this. Without thinking, he turned to his other tune and sang the first two lines twice over:

Elaine, Elaine,
go cure the pain!
Elaine, Elaine,
go cure the pain!

Repetition had been inserted as a safeguard into the machine, on the assumption that no real man would repeat an error. The name "Elaine" was not correct number code, but the fourfold emphasis seemed to confirm the need for a "lay therapist, female." The machine itself noted that a genuine man had corrected the situation card presented as a matter of emergency.

"Accepted," said the machine.

This word, too late, jolted the supervisor away from his music.

"Accepted what?" he asked.

There was no answering voice. There was no sound at all except for the whisper of slightly-moistened warm air through the ventilators.

The supervisor looked out the window. He could see a little of the blood-black red color of the Peace Square of An-fang; beyond lay the ocean, endlessly beautiful and endlessly tedious.

The supervisor sighed hopefully. He was young. "Guess it doesn't matter," he thought, picking up his guitar.

(Thirty-seven years later, he found out that it did matter. The Lady Goroke herself, one of the chiefs of the Instrumentality, sent a subchief of the Instrumentality to find out who had caused D'joan. When the man found that the witch Elaine was the source of the trouble she sent him on to find out how Elaine had gotten into a well-ordered universe. The supervisor was found. He was still a musician. He remembered nothing of the story. He was hypnotized. He still remembered nothing. The subchief invoked an emergency and Police Drug Four ("clear memory") was administered to the musician. He immediately remembered the whole silly scene, but insisted that it did not matter. The case was referred to Lady Goroke, who instructed the authorities that the musician be told the whole horrible, beautiful story of D'joan at Fomalhaut�the very story which you are now being told�and he wept. He was not punished otherwise, but the Lady Goroke commanded that those memories be left in his mind for so long as he might live.)

The man picked up his guitar, but the machine went on about its work.

It selected a fertilized human embryo, tagged it with the freakish name "Elaine," irradiated the genetic code with strong aptitudes for witchcraft and then marked the person's card for training in medicine, transportation by sail-ship to Fomalhaut III and release for service on the planet.

Elaine was born without being needed, without being wanted, without having a skill which could help or hurt any existing human being. She went into life doomed and useless.

It is not remarkable that she was misbegotten. Errors do happen. Remarkable was the fact that she managed to survive without being altered, corrected or killed by the safety devices which mankind has installed in society for its own protection.

Unwanted, unused, she wandered through the tedious months and useless years of her own existence. She was well fed, richly clothed, variously housed. She had machines and robots to serve her, underpeople to obey her, people to protect her against others or against herself, should the need arise. But she could never find work; without work, she had no time for love; without work or love, she had no hope at all.

If she had only stumbled into the right experts or the right authorities, they would have altered or re-trained her. This would have made her into an acceptable woman; but she did not find the police, nor did they find her. She was helpless to correct her own programming, utterly helpless. It had been imposed on her at An-fang, way back at An-fang, where all things begin.

The ruby had trembled, the tourmaline failed, the diamond passed unsupported. Thus, a woman was born doomed.



Much later, when people made songs about the strange case of the dog-girl D'joan, the minstrels and singers had tried to imagine what Elaine felt like, and they had made up The Song of Elaine for her. It is not authentic, but it shows how Elaine looked at her own life before the strange case of D'joan began to flow from Elaine's own actions:

Other women hate me.
Men never touch me.
I am too much me.
I'll be a witch!

Mama never towelled me,
Daddy never growled me.
Little kiddies grate me.
I'll be a witch!

People never named me.
Dogs never shamed me.
Oh, I am a such me!
I'll be a witch!

I'll make them shun me.
They'll never run me.
Could they even stun me?
I'll be a witch!

Let them all attack me.
They can only rack me.
Me�I can hack me.
I'll be a witch!

Other women hate me.
Men never touch me.
I am too much me.
I'll be a witch!

The song overstates the case. Women did not hate Elaine; they did not look at her. Men did not shun Elaine; they did not notice her either.

There were no places on Fomalhaut III where she could have met human children, for the nurseries were far underground because of chancy radiation and fierce weather. The song pretends that Elaine began with the thought that she was not human, but underpeople, and had herself been born a dog. This did not happen at the beginning of the case, but only at the very end, when the story of D'joan was already being carried between the stars and developing with all the new twists of folklore and legend. She never went mad.

("Madness" is a rare condition, consisting of a human mind which does not engage its environment correctly. Elaine approached it before she met D'joan. Elaine was not the only case, but she was a rare and genuine one. Her life, thrust back from all attempts at growth, had turned back on itself and her mind had spiraled inward to the only safety she could really know, psychosis. Madness is always better than X, and X to each patient is individual, personal, secret and overwhelmingly important. Elaine had gone normally mad; her imprinted and destined career was the wrong one. "Lay therapists, female" were coded to work decisively, autonomously, on their own authority and with great rapidity. These working conditions were needed on new planets. They were not coded to consult other people; most places, there would be no one to consult. Elaine did what was set for her at An-fang, all the way down to the individual chemical conditions of her spinal fluid. She was herself the wrong and she never knew it. Madness was much kinder than the realization that she was not herself, should not have lived, and amounted at the most to a mistake committed between a trembling ruby and a young, careless man with a guitar.)

She found D'joan and the worlds reeled.

Their meeting occurred at a place nicknamed "the edge of the world," where the undercity met daylight. This was itself unusual; but Fomalhaut III was an unusual and uncomfortable planet, where wild weather and men's caprice drove architects to furious design and grotesque execution.

Elaine walked through the city, secretly mad, looking for sick people whom she could help. She had been stamped, imprinted, designed, born, bred and trained for this task. There was no task.

She was an intelligent woman. Bright brains serve madness as well as they serve sanity�namely, very well indeed. It never occurred to her to give up her mission.

The people of Fomalhaut III, like the people of Manhome Earth itself, are almost uniformly handsome; it is only in the far-out, half-unreachable worlds that the human stock, strained by the sheer effort to survive, becomes ugly, weary or varied. She did not look much different from the other intelligent, handsome people who flocked the streets. Her hair was black, and she was tall. Her arms and legs were long, the trunk of her body short. She wore her hair brushed straight back from a high, narrow, square forehead. Her eyes were an odd, deep blue. Her mouth might have been pretty, but it never smiled, so that no one could really tell whether it was beautiful or not. She stood erect and proud: but so did everyone else. Her mouth was strange in its very lack of communicativeness and her eyes swept back and forth, back and forth like ancient radar, looking for the sick, the needy, and stricken, whom she had a passion to serve.

How could she be unhappy? She had never had time to be happy. It was easy for her to think that happiness was something which disappeared at the end of childhood. Now and then, here and there, perhaps when a fountain murmured in sunlight or when leaves exploded in the startling Fomalhautian spring, she wondered that other people�people as responsible as herself by the doom of age, grade, sex, training and career number�should be happy when she alone seemed to have no time for happiness. But she always dismissed the thought and walked the ramps and streets until her arches ached, looking for work which did not yet exist.

Human flesh, older than history, more dogged than culture, has its own wisdom. The bodies of people are marked with the archaic ruses of survival, so that on Fomalhaut III, Elaine herself preserved the skills of ancestors she never even thought about�those ancestors who, in the incredible and remote past, had mastered terrible Earth itself. Elaine was mad. But there was a part of her which suspected that she was mad.

Perhaps this wisdom seized her as she walked from Waterrocky Road toward the bright esplanades of the Shopping Bar. She saw a forgotten door. The robots could clean near it but, because of the old, odd architectural shape, they could not sweep and polish right at the bottom line of the door. A thin hard line of old dust and caked polish lay like a sealant at the base of the doorline. It was obvious that no one had gone through for a long, long time.

The civilized rule was that prohibited areas were marked both telepathically and with symbols. The most dangerous of all had robot or underpeople guards. But everything which was not prohibited, was permitted. Thus Elaine had no right to open the door, but she had no obligation not to do so. She opened it�

By sheer caprice.

Or so she thought.

This was a far cry from the "I'll be a witch" motif attributed to her in the later ballad. She was not yet frantic, not yet desperate, she was not yet even noble.

That opening of a door changed her own world and changed life on thousands of planets for generations to come, but the opening was not itself strange. It was the tired caprice of a thoroughly frustrated and mildly unhappy woman. Nothing more. All the other descriptions of it have been improvements, embellishments, falsifications.

She did get a shock when she opened the door, but not for the reasons attributed backwards to her by balladists and historians.

She was shocked because the door opened on steps and the steps led down to landscape and sunlight�truly an unexpected sight on any world. She was looking from the New City to the Old City. The New City rose on its shell out over the old city, and when she looked "indoors" she saw the sunset in the city below. She gasped at the beauty and the unexpectedness of it.

There, the open door�with another world beyond it. Here, the old familiar street, clean, handsome, quiet, useless, where her own useless self had walked a thousand times.

There�something. Here, the world she knew. She did not know the words "fairyland" or "magic place," but if she had known them, she would have used them.

She glanced to the right, to the left.

The passersby noticed neither her nor the door. The sunset was just beginning to show in the upper city. In the lower city it was already blood-red with streamers of gold like enormous frozen flame. Elaine did not know that she sniffed the air; she did not know that she trembled on the edge of tears; she did not know that a tender smile, the first smile in years, relaxed her mouth and turned her tired tense face into a passing loveliness. She was too intent on looking around.

People walked about their business. Down the road, an underpeople type�female, possibly cat�detoured far around a true human who was walking at a slower pace. Far away, a police ornithopter flapped slowly around one of the towers; unless the robots used a telescope on her or unless they had one of the rare hawk-undermen who wore sometimes used as police, they could not see her.

She stepped through the doorway and pulled the door itself back into the closed position.

She did not know it, but therewith unborn futures reeled out of existence, rebellion flamed into coming centuries, people and underpeople died in strange causes, mothers changed the names of unborn lords and starships whispered back from places which men had not even imagined before. Spaces which had always been there, waiting for men's notice, would come the sooner�because of her, because of the door, because of her next few steps, what she would say and the child she would meet. (The ballad-writers told the whole story later on, but they told it backwards, from their own knowledge of D'joan and what Elaine had done to set the worlds afire. The simple truth is the fact that a lonely woman went through a mysterious door. That is all. Everything else happened later.)

At the top of the steps she stood; door closed behind her, the sunset gold of the unknown city streaming out in front of her. She could see where the great shell of the New City of Kalma arched out toward the sky; she could see that the buildings here were older, less harmonious than the ones she had left. She did not know the concept "picturesque," or she would have called it that. She knew no concept to describe the scene which lay peacefully at her feet.

There was not a person in sight.

Far in the distance, a fire-detector throbbed back and forth on top of an old tower. Outside of that there was nothing but the yellow-gold city beneath her, and a bird�was it a bird, or a large storm-swept leaf?�in the middle distance.

Filled with fear, hope, expectation and the surmisal of strange appetites, she walked downward with quiet, unknown purpose.



At the foot of the stairs, nine flights of them there had been, a child waited�a girl, about five. The child had a bright blue smock, wavy red-brown hair, and the daintiest hands which Elaine had ever seen.

Elaine's heart went out to her. The child looked up at her and shrank away. Elaine knew the meaning of those handsome brown eyes, of that muscular supplication of trust, that recoil from people. It was not a child at all�just some animal in the shape of a person, a dog perhaps, which would later be taught to speak, to work, to perform useful services.

The little girl rose, standing as though she were about to run. Elaine had the feeling that the little dog-girl had not decided whether to run toward her or from her. She did not wish to get involved with an underperson�what woman would?�but neither did she wish to frighten the little thing. After all, it was small, very young.

The two confronted each other for a moment, the little thing uncertain, Elaine relaxed. Then the little animal-girl spoke.

"Ask her," she said, and it was a command.

Elaine was surprised. Since when did animals command?

"Ask her!" repeated the little thing. She pointed at a window which had the words TRAVELERS' AID above it. Then the girl ran. A flash of blue from her dress, a twinkle of white from her running sandals, and she was gone.

Elaine stood quiet and puzzled in the forlorn and empty city.

The window spoke to her, "You might as well come on over. You will, you know."

It was the wise mature voice of an experienced woman�a voice with a bubble of laughter underneath its phonic edge, with a hint of sympathy and enthusiasm in its tone. The command was not merely a command. It was, even at its beginning, a happy private joke between two wise women.

Elaine was not surprised when a machine spoke to her. Recordings had been telling her things all her life. She was not sure of this situation, however.

"Is there somebody there?" she said.


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